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Indonesia ranked 94th out of 157 countries in the United Nations Development Program’s Gender Empowerment Index as of 2009. Indonesian women lack the same access to education as men, and suffer from wage discrimination. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s mortality rate among mothers is one of the highest in ASEAN, with 10,200 mothers dying each year as of 2008, according to the Indonesian Statistics Bureau.

Realizing that the full empowerment of women is vital to Indonesia reaching its full potential, the Putera Sampoerna Foundation established Sahabat Wanita (Friends of Women) to increase the access of disadvantaged women to knowledge that can improve family health and well-being. The Putera Sampoerna Foundation also set up a cooperative to help women contribute to family income by developing small businesses through management training and micro-financing. These programs are expected to spur a strong social network and a national movement to facilitate the emergence of more women leaders able to contribute to family welfare and the development of Indonesia.

Sahabat Wanita works through the Yayasan Sahabat Wanita (Friends of Women Foundation) and the Koperasi Sahabat Wanita (Friends of Women Cooperative). Yayasan Sahabat Wanita works to promote the social welfare of those living in rural communities through improving healthcare and skills development, providing vocational training, promoting and protecting the rights of women and ensuring gender equality.

Koperasi Sahabat Wanita provides economic and financial assistance for women from the lowest economic quintile of Indonesian society. Yayasan Sahabat Wanita takes on the role of “foster mother” to Koperasi Sahabat Wanita and gives women with supervision and activities designed to address women’s and family issues. Koperasi Sahabat Wanita works to recruit and organize wom

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